January 2014

I have been a little slow coming out of the starting blocks for 2014 due to an injury that has stopped me from running. It isn’t the nicest feeling watching your training group leave for an altitude camp but I quickly got onto to recovery and rehab (thank you to Mark Young and Alex Price) so I could be back on my feet as soon as possible. I decided to go back home to Moss Vale particularly because we moved house and everything I needed for training was at my doorstep.

25m pool at home

25m pool at home

I’m now back in Wollongong with the ‘Wizards’ and Head Wizard Jamie and things are slowly coming together. Thanks to Triathlon Australia’s National Talent Academy program, Giant Bikes Aus and Spearman Cycles, I am now hitting the roads on a brand new Giant Envie, which like every new bike, I have fallen in love with!

At the beginning of a new year there seems to be an abundance of questionnaires to be filled out, so here are a few of my favourite questions:

Favourite food: Poached eggs

Least favourite food: Probably something like sardines

Favourite Drink: Coffee frappe from Diggies Café on North Wollongong Beach

Favourite TV show: The Real Housewives of New York City

Favourite person: I am going to go group here and say the ‘Wollongong Wizards’ Least favourite person: Anyone who walks slowly around the supermarket Favourite training session: Open water

Least favourite training session: Open water (with tsunamis)

Open Water in the 'Gong'

Open Water in the ‘Gong’

Favourite place: I’m enjoying Wollongong (the ‘Gong’) at the moment

Least favourite place: Airports

Favourite accessory: My snapback

Favourite training clothes: 2XU singlet

Favourite swimmers: Zealous (Some of my fastest swimming done in these swimmers!)

photo 2

Newest piece of training equipment: 2014 Giant Envie (with a recent RETUL fitting by Aaron Lean, thank you!)


Oldest piece of training equipment: My swimming gear bag, I have probably owned that since I was 11!

Inspired by: Sally Fitzgibbons, she is doing some great things at the moment.

sally fitz

Looking forward to: Getting back in to full training and my first race for the year!

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