What Went Down In May

I am not a huge fan of small talk and talking about the weather is the ultimate example of small talk but seriously, I hate winter! Anyone who knows me knows I like all things summer; the long days, fresh summer fruit, days on the beach and summer clothing. I didn’t foresee myself having to endure an Australian winter for a number of years, but I also didn’t foresee myself being injured at this time of the year. I don’t think my mum did either, she decided to throw out my electric blanket when we moved house over Christmas because it was taking up space! First world problems right?!

Final days of summer in the Gong

Final days of summer in the Gong

In saying this, so far everything has gone as well as it could have considering the circumstances. I have been up in the Southern Highlands living with my parents (we live on a boys boarding school for those who didn’t know) and this definitely has its advantages, not only for me but also my parents. I am reaping the benefits of having a heated 25m pool a 2 minute walk from my front door, a nice spacious kitchen to improve my cooking skills and my piano to satisfy my artistic desires. I don’t think my parents mind me being home either as they have been extremely busy with work (which has affirmed my decision to never become a school teacher) so after their long days they come home to a full fridge and pantry, the washing off the line and dinner being prepared. I am going to take this opportunity to gloat and say I have cooked some killer meals lately, the favourite being Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb with Apricots and Toasted Almonds.

25m heated pool at home

25m heated pool at home

In terms of training, May was filled with swimming (mainly pull sets and not much wall contact), riding on the rollers, a few elliptical sessions and my favourite sessions of the week, gym with my physio Alex Price who has been a great support. The latter is now becoming a key aspect of my training for the long term to not only help prevent injuries but to re-invent ‘Grace the triathlete’ as a stronger athlete all round. So far I have really enjoyed hitting the gym and I am excited to see the results of this work in the future.


In this past week I have swapped the rollers for the road and have started my very gradual return to run. Everything is done with extreme caution and while this is frustrating, it is progress.

It is not Basque Country, but it is home and it's alright.

It is not Basque Country, but it is home and it’s alright.

I have also had the opportunity to spend a night at the Australian Institute of Sport to have some tests done. I had a great night meeting some athletes from other sports including Chloe Esposito an Olympic modern pent athlete, Siann Glanney a track athlete, Brittany Cox an Olympic mogul Skier and two rowers; David Watts and Max McQueeny. These guys made my stay really enjoyable and I was very tempted to stay in Canberra for a little longer to spend some time with them!

I am very appreciative of the continual support of Triathlon Australia especially in giving me a plan because a lack of direction is one of my worst nightmares! I hate the fact I am not out there racing in my green and gold suit but trust me, I am working just as hard, it’s just not nearly as glamorous as racing. Thank you again to Jamie, my parents and all my sponsors for the support over the past month.

My last race – Tongyeong World Cup, October 2013 Excited to get back to this.

My last race – Tongyeong World Cup, October 2013
Excited to get back to this.

I turn 22 this week and for those of you who are familiar with Taylor Swift, I am not embarrassed to say I have tragically listened to her song ‘22’ a number of times already. I have had these lyrics replaying in my head for a few days now and as relevant as they are, it’s really starting to get annoying!
‘I don’t know about you
But I’m feeling 22
Everything will be alright’

Here is the link to the song if you are at all interested:

Until next time,
Grace ☺

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