Broke a Drought

I have not written an update in a while and about 2 weeks ago I began to feel a little guilty about this and started thinking of excuses as to why my posts had been vacant but I couldn’t think of a good enough reason so I just put off writing an update even longer. Although in the past 2 weeks a number of people have brought this to my attention and since I raced my first triathlon in over a year yesterday I thought it was timely to send something out. So what’s been happening in the past 2 months ?

  • Some of the Gong Wizards migrated back to Wollongong to train before their final events of the year such as Nepean, Noosa and the Xterra World Championships in Hawaii.
open water with bre

Open water with Brendan Sexton in our 2XU wetties

  • I attended the launch of the Liv Cycling’s special edition Avail road bike that is in support of Breast Cancer Australia. I also was lucky to meet founder of Liv cycling Bonnie Tu.

liv opening

  • Alex Price and his wife Megan gave birth to a beautiful little girl Ava. I have been going to their house to do my strength and conditioning session 3x per week for most of Megan’s pregnancy so this was a little exciting for me.
baby ava at gym

Ava taking part in one of our gym sessions

  • I said goodbye to my black and purple Giant Envie (a bike which sadly didn’t even get to take part in a race). On the same day, the awesome crew at Spearman Cycles set me up with a new Liv Envie Advanced Pro 0 which I love riding. Special thanks to Jess Simpson, Ryan Lennox and Dave Manton for organising this!
One of my final ride sessions on this bike on Mt Keira, Wollongong.

One of my final ride sessions on this bike on Mt Keira, Wollongong.

liv bike

Pretty happy walking out of Spearman Cycles with this new rig

  • I raced my first fun run since 2012 at Run Wollongong. This was a 5.5km run and with barely any quality run work under my belt, I was pretty pleased with how I ran.

run wollonong 3

  • And finally, I raced my first triathlon in over a year. It was so much fun to get back out there and compete after such an extended period of time. Another highlight of that day was my mum raced her first triathlon in a long time and dominated, coming away with a win herself!


As always, thank you to everyone who has continued to support me this year; family, coaches, friends, training partners, sponsors, (and everyone who likes my Instagram posts!). I’m racing the Hamilton Island triathlon next weekend which I’m really looking forward to!

Grace 🙂

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