Hello world!


Welcome to my blog 🙂 Here is a snapshot to give a little bit of a background on me and a heads up to what this is all about. I am a 19 year old Australian girl who has turned triathlete in December of 2011. I grew up at  a primary boys boarding school in Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands where I had multiple acres to roam, spending a lot of my time outside. I have 2 older brothers who are quite different to me; an officer in the army who commands tanks and a lawyer/media communications guru in the making.

\ While in Australia I am based in Wollongong (south of Sydney) with the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) triathlon squad. The first few months were spent making a ground base through training so i could eventually travel to Europe during the Australian Winter to race various European triathlons. I have already had minor success in my short career, placing 8th at the Mooloolaba Continental Oceania ITU race in March as well as placing 2nd at the Subic Bay Continental Asian Cup last weekend in the Philippines.

I will upload race reports from races i compete in, both the good and the bad! I hope you get some enjoyment in reading what i have to say.


Grace Musgrove